What to do in summer

Are you asking yourself about what to do in summer in Fiera di Primiero?

If you are looking for advice on what activities you can do at Fiera di Primiero during the summer you are in the right place!

Primiero Valley is a beautiful alpine valley in Trentino-Alto Adige, just underneath one of the biggest mountain chains of the dolomites: the Pale di San Martino. Someone is supposing that the Pale di San Martino are the most beautiful mountain chain of the Dolomites, with a special view from San Martino. Now it’s up to you to decide if it‘s true, it’s only possible to discover those places by yourselves and decide what to see and do in Fiera di Primiero in summer. Here are some suggestions!

Walking through the historical centre of Fiera di Primiero

Fiera di Primiero is a beautiful village in Trentino characterised by a typical old-tyrolean architecture style. Indeed, in the past this small village was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and despite being the youngest village in the valley, taking advantage of its central geographic position, soon became the historic and commercial “capital” of the valley.

Today, the centre is entirely pedestrian and it’s worth it to walk through its ways and immerse yourself in local life.

Visiting Calaita lake

If you’re looking for a breathtaking and postcard view then you can’t lose the opportunity to visit the Calaita lake, in the neighbouring Vanoi Valley. 15 kms far away from Fiera di Primiero, the Calaita lake is reachable in around 30 minutes – if you don’t want to drive, you can use the bus service from Trentino Trasporti.. You’ll land in an amazing scenery: the Miralago hut faces just in front of this beautiful mountain lake, taking your sight a bit more to the horizon between the two mountain sides which create the Forcella Calaita, you’ll see the mythical Cimon della Pala rise.

Tour of Colbricon lakes from Passo Rolle

Another amazing tour for those who choose the Valle di Primiero for their summer vacation, Laghetti di Colbricon are two small alpine lakes located in the heart of Parco Naturale Paneveggio Pale di San Martino. You’ll reach Passo Rolle by car and in around 35 minutes and park the car nearby Malga Rolle. From there you have to follow the directions for Laghetti di Colbricon – a very easy trail will take you through the forest in around 40 minutes – the walk is 5 kms long, without difficulties.

Tour to Baita Segantini from Passo Rolle

Another attraction of Passo Rolle is without a doubt Baita Segantini, the famous “baita” where for decades lived a hermit called Alfred Paluselli, today one of the most photographed spots in the dolomites – and for a good reason! To get there a good idea is to leave the car in the first parking, just underneath Passo Rolle. From there the path will start and in 30 minutes you’ll reach the famous Baita. From there you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views on Cimon della Pala, the mountain that pushed the English alpinist John Ball to call it the “Cervino delle Dolomiti”.

Canyoning in Val Noana

Do you need an adrenaline boost or an unique experience that you have never lived before? Then you have to go down the Noana river, carried by the flow of the waterslides and swimming in its clear crystal water. Don’t worry, there isn’t any particular physical preparation needed for the “Canyoning”: the assistance of our alpine guides is enough to let you live an unique and safe experience.

For more information you can contact the Scuola di Alpinismo di San Martino di Castrozza: Tel. 0439.768795 – Cell. 342 9813212; or via e-mail at info@aquilesanmartino.com

Tasting the typical goods of Valle di Primiero

Primiero Valley offers a big and high quality goods variety. Between them, we recommend you to try the Tosèla, the typical cheese of Primiero, a fresh fried cheese, square shaped, cut into big slices, cooked with farm butter,Botiroalso a really loved product. If you’re a strongly tasted cheese lover then you have to try the Primiero Stagionato di Malgaone of the most loved cheeses produced by our cheese factory. Going to the cold cuts, don’t forget to try out the Luganega cauriota, a very spicy pork sausage, delicious if cooked on the grill combined with a slice of Polenta, or cooked with Crauti.

Another product to eat is the Carne fumada di Siror, produced for over 40 years by the Bonelli’s butchery, a starter of smoked beef to be eaten raw,the speckthe famous south tyrolean sausage produced also in Primiero. If you love honey, then you’ll appreciate the variety of “millefiori di montagna”, “rododendro” and “melata di bosco”, while if you love handcrafted beer, Primiero will satisfy you also in this field: the Bionoc’ brewery produces excellents handmade beers, unpasteurized, unfiltered and fermented in the bottle. 

Do you want to discover our typical specialities made by us?

Attend the production of the Botìro in Malga Fossernica

Next to Primiero Valley there is the Vanoi Valley, known by its less touristic character and for its green forests. In this beautiful valley, between a lot of mountain cottages, we love Malga Fossernica di Fuori, for the possibility to attend the production of handmade butter, the Botìro, a particular butter made only in these zones and protected by slow food. This cottage is also a restaurant, so it’s possible to stop there and taste the typical goods.

Visiting the villages of Primiero

Beside Fiera di Primiero, there are a lot of beautiful villages you can discover in Primiero. At the peak of the valley we find San Martino di Castrozza, a popular touristic destination well known in both seasons, from which you can see the Pale di San Martino in all their magnificence. In the southern part of the valley there is Mezzano, famous to be crowned as one of the most beautiful villages of italy. While you’re experiencing the beautiful ways and streets of the village, the “canisèle”, you can’t miss the permanent display of “cataste e canzei” a series of artistic installations made with stacks of firewood. And how to miss Tonadicoa village with unique wall paintings on a lot of houses; Transacqua, where our Hotel is located, Siror and Imer, all typical alpine villages in this zone of Trentino. 

The list would be much longer, but we hope that these advice will help you during your stay here. In case you need further information, we’ll be more than happy to share them personally during your vacation here at the Eden Hotel in Fiera di Primiero – Transacqua.

… and in the winter?

Do you need some advice on what to do in Fiera di Primiero during the winter? You are in the right place!