Giant fir trees trail

The majestic fir tree of Val Noana

There is a special forest in Val Noana.

It is a forest of fir trees, giant fir trees to be honest. Not only red and white firs: also badgers and beeches, high tens of metres. A natural spectacle and not used by humans in an invasive way.

From our hotel it is easy to reach with a pleasant walk: here’s how to get there, maybe in autumn to take advantage of the period and the colors of foliage!

Walk to the fir trees of Val Noana

After reaching Imèr, you should follow the Strada Provinciale 221 of Val Noana: after 6 kms you have to turn right to the “Casina Valpiana”. After that you can choose among 2 tours: the first one is shorter, around 2 and a half kms (walkable in 1h40); the second one is longer, a bit more than 7 kms (it will take you 5 hours). If you have time, we suggest you to go for the longer route to see those beautiful centuries old trees in all their handsomeness.

The trail is marked and along the tour you will find information boards which will tell the story of the trail. After a couple of hours you will reach Malga Val Stua di Sopra (we are at 1400 metres over the sea level, 300 metres higher as the starting point), where we recommend you to stop for a snack with a view on the mountains before starting again to finish the tour off.

There are a lot of sightseeing spots along the way. We always recommend our guests to take with them mountain shoes, hoodie and a wind jacket in case of cold and rain (mountain is unpredictable) and a binocular to see some animals.

View the season we’re writing this post, take with you also a camera because the leaves that are falling down go from yellow to orange till red and the show is amazing!

Lastly, another tour we are suggesting is the bicycle way from Fiera di Primiero to Mezzano. There you can visit the permanent exhibition of Cataste e Canzei, these are artistic installations that have as protagonists the stacks of wood, the canzei, in local dialect. To finish off the tour, in a bit more than half an hour by foot you will find yourself again at the Hotel, ready for a delicious dinner!

What to do in the winter

The Primiero Valley is a special place for the weekends and for a vacation on snow in Trentino: these are our advice for what to do in Fiera di Primiero as the winter approaches.

What to do in summer

Someone is supposing that the Pale di San Martino are the most beautiful mountain chain of the Dolomites. Now it’s up to you to decide if it ‘s true.

Other tours

You have the opportunity to go hiking in the mountains with a qualified local guide, who will take you to the most beautiful places in the valley.