Our kitchen

The kitchen of Trentino finds in Primiero Valley a particularly rich and vibrant term.

Primiero Valley is characterised by a strong local culinary tradition, It is flanked by a microcosm of producers, who enrich the gastronomic panorama with their creations, keeping alive in time a tradition that has its origins in the most remote past.

Simone, besides being the Chef of our Hotel, produces by himself mostly every traditional product which you’ll find during your stay here: jams, sausages, cold cuts, vegetables from our garden and honey are only few products on the base of our Hotel’s kitchen.

The quality of our raw ingredients is essential for a good gastronomic experience, for this reason we try to keep good attention on that.

From breakfast to dinner, without forgetting the lunch for them which decide to pay the full pension, our guests can try out the feeling of tasting every day traditional dishes, prepared with care and love.

Our farmhouse

Have you ever dreamt about having breakfast in a true farmhouse in the mountains?

The love for our job pushes us to let our guests feel like they are at their own home.